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In 2017, the Florida Prepaid College Foundation expanded our scholarship offerings to include a program dedicated just for incoming first generation freshman college students.  The objective of the First Generation Challenge Match Scholarship Program is to support the efforts of higher education through scholarship funding for first generation students who aspire to attend a Florida College or University.

Florida State University and the University of North Florida participated in the 2017 pilot program, leading to the statewide expansion to all Florida public higher education institutions.  To date, 14 institutions have joined with the Florida Prepaid College Foundation to match more than 80 First Generation scholarships at their respective institutions. The University of Florida matched 30 First Generation student scholarships to kick off the Foundation's 30th anniversary.

Interested foundations and 501(c)(3) organizations may apply for matching funds throughout the calendar year. Scholarships must be awarded to qualified first generation students who are in the 12th grade and have been accepted by an approved Florida educational institution.

Kylee Carpino

“[This scholarship] means the world. No student loans and working all the time and stressing. I can now focus on my school work. Don’t give up on college, it’s an experience that you won’t have again.”

– First Generation Challenge Match Scholarship Recipient

“Providing these students with a scholarship helps FSU CARE’s mission in continuing to provide access and success for first-generation college students,” said Tadarrayl M. Starke, Director of FSU’s Center for Academic Retention & Enhancement (CARE). “This opportunity goes a long way to help meet the needs of the selected students, who are trailblazing a path for their families.”

Are you a First Generation Florida Prepaid Scholarship Student?

Your scholarship is designed to be easy to use and flexible. If you have any questions, please call our Customer Service team at 1-800-552-4723, Monday – Friday, 8 am – 6 pm ET, or contact your educational institution.

The First Generation Challenge Match Scholarship Program enables each Florida College and State University to receive a matching contribution to purchase a Prepaid Plan scholarship for a first generation college student.

  • All Florida College and University Foundations have been approved for a minimum of one scholarship. 
  • Additional scholarships may be available based on actual participation of colleges and universities.
  • Simply complete the application and mail in a check for 50% of the price of the scholarship plus a $50 Application Fee.

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