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We invite you to learn more about how to get involved with our Foundation.

Our partners and donors are making a powerful statement about their commitment to the future of Florida students. They work with us, knowing that the students they help today are tomorrow’s college graduates – the next generation of CEOs and community organization leaders.

The first step is to find the program that fits your goals:

Is your organization ready to be part of the solution for childhood poverty in Florida by providing a pathway to higher education for our most economically disadvantaged students?

Path to Prosperity Scholarship Program contributors can difference in the lives of Florida students and the future of our state. Learn more today.

Is your organization an education foundation and a 501(c)(3) looking to utilize matching scholarship funds and able to provide mentoring programs to scholarship recipients?

Project STARS would be a great fit for you.

Does your organization want to honor an individual or a cause and utilize matching scholarship funds?

The Legacy scholarship could be a great way to do that.

Is your organization focused on helping deserving students with an interest in high demand careers gain support for their higher education?

Are you part of a Florida College or Florida University education foundation and looking to expand access for your First Generation students?

Take advantage of the First Generation program this year.

Will your team succeed by helping K-12 students from high-risk environments feel the hope of a college scholarship and community support?

Learn more about how a customized Academic A+ program can help meet your needs.

Are you part of a team that would like to build your own scholarship program to meet your dreams of helping children have greater access to higher education?

Contact us and we can help you build a custom program with a Private scholarship program – you dream it and we will help you achieve it!

Please contact us at (850) 488-8514 or to learn more or get started!

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