Florida Prepaid College Foundation and Champions For Learning Announce In-Demand Career Scholars Program

The Florida Prepaid College Foundation is partnering with Champions For Learning in Naples, Florida, to pilot the In-Demand Career Scholars Program and has selected its inaugural class of four students to each receive a 2-Year Florida Prepaid College Plan Scholarship.

The total scholarship amount is $31,145 for four, 2-year Florida College Plans including the match of $15,772 from a private donor courtesy of the Champions for Learning d/b/a as the Collier Education Foundation located in Naples, Florida.

Utilizing the academic track of entrepreneurism, these 11th grade students will now work toward their chosen career field with the assistance of a high school and college mentor along with their required participation in education labs structured through the Champions for Learning curriculum model.

Congratulations to Jaime Etienne, Jaslynette Burgos, Sheryl Maxime and Jessica Batista